Like the character she plays in the new film, Trinity Goodheart, 12-year-old Erica Gluck is full of humor, musical talent and wise beyond her years.  At the young age of 4, Erica landed her first audition, a Christmas commercial for Target.  A few years later, she was hired to play ‘Brit Brat’ on the popular CW show, The Game, a role she played for the next three years.  In between seasons of The Game, Erica worked on features playing Nick Cannon’s little sister in American Son and then traveling to Romania to play Keifer Sutherland & Paula Patton’s daughter in the film Mirrors, directed by Alexander Aja.

Not content on waiting for acting roles, Erica has eagerly been pursuing her music career, another talent she excels in.  Erica is a singer/songwriter, currently readying the release of her first single.  Growing up surrounded by music, her musical aspirations come as no surprise; her favorites include Beyonce, Etta James and Billie Holliday to name a few.  Erica’s Father went to Berklee School of Music and played drums for Stu Hamm and Steve Vai.  Erica looked to her father as an inspiration for her talent, begging her father for her own drum set which she immediately mastered proving to be a natural talent.  Erica currently plays the drums and sings in a band with three other girls.

During the first season of The Game, one of Erica’s directors was also a former mentor of Erica’s, the renowned Debbie Allen.  Their reunion was a happy one as years earlier Debbie had invited Erica to take classes at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy where she became the youngest student ever admitted.  Erica still loves to dance and often works out after school with The West Coast Street Dance Jerkin’ Crew.

Erica is also an excellent student and attends school in Los Angeles where her favorite subjects are Science and Japanese.

Erica’s latest role as Trinity in the film, Trinity Goodheart, alongside Eric Benet, made its silver screen debut at The American Black Film Festival in Miami on July 9, 2011. Erica’s mature presence and flawless execution of her raw and natural talent left audiences swooning over the young actress. The film, Trinity Goodheart, will be making its National Television debut on the Gospel Music Channel this August.

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